Cedar Mesa Mule Canyon

Mule Canyon Ruin on UT 95

The Mule Canyon Ruin, also known as the Mule Canyon Indian Ruin, is a fully developed and restored Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) ruin located on Utah 95, southwest of Blanding, UT. Utah 95 is a primary route through SE Utah’s canyon country and even hurried travelers can get a better understanding of the area and its […]

Cedar Mesa

7 Kiva Ruin in Road Canyon on Cedar Mesa

7 Kiva Ruin is in Road Canyon which is a significant canyon draining eastward off of Cedar Mesa. Road Canyon is a very popular with hikers because it offers excellent scenic, wilderness and archaeological experiences. 7 Kiva Ruin is a well-known site that is listed or referenced in all of the Cedar Mesa Hiking Guides listed in […]